II. PostgreSQL Client Applications

This is reference information for Postgres client applications and utilities.

Table of Contents
createdb — Create a new Postgres database
createuser — Create a new Postgres user
dropdb — Remove an existing Postgres database
dropuser — Drops (removes) a Postgres user
ecpg — Embedded SQL C preprocessor
pgaccessPostgreSQL graphical client
pgadminPostgres database management and design tool for Windows 95/98/NT
pg_config — Provides information about the installed version of PostgreSQL
pg_dump — Extract a Postgres database into a script file or other archive file
pg_dumpall — Extract all databases into a script file
pg_restore — Restore a Postgres database from an archive file created by pg_dump
psqlPostgres interactive terminal
pgtclshPostgreSQL Tcl shell client
pgtkshPostgreSQL Tcl/Tk shell client
vacuumdb — Clean and analyze a Postgres database