XXXII. Miscellaneous functions

These functions were placed here because none of the other categories seemed to fit.

Table of Contents
connection_aborted — Returns true if client disconnected
connection_status — Returns connection status bitfield
connection_timeout — Return true if script timed out
define — Defines a named constant.
defined — Checks whether a given named constant exists.
die — Output a message and terminate the current script
eval — Evaluate a string as PHP code
exit — Terminate current script
func_get_arg — Return an item from the argument list.
func_get_args — Returns an array comprising a function's argument list.
func_num_args — Returns the number of arguments passed to the function.
function_exists — Return true if the given function has been defined
get_browser — Tells what the user's browser is capable of.
ignore_user_abort — Set whether a client disconnect should abort script execution
iptcparse — Parse a binary IPTC block into single tags.
leak — Leak memory
pack — pack data into binary string
register_shutdown_function — Register a function for execution on shutdown.
serialize — generates a storable representation of a value
sleep — Delay execution
uniqid — Generate a unique id.
unpack — unpack data from binary string
unserialize — creates a PHP value from a stored representation
usleep — Delay execution in microseconds