XXIII. Direct IO functions


PHP supports the direct io functions as described in the Posix Standard (Section 6) for performing I/O functions at a lower level than the C-Language stream I/O functions (fopen, fread,..).


These functions are available as part of the standard module, which is always available.


To get these functions to work, you have to configure PHP with --enable-dio.

Runtime Configuration

This extension does not define any configuration directives.

Resource Types

One resource type is defined by this extension: a file descriptor returnded by dio_open().

Predefined Constants

This extension does not define any constants.

Table of Contents
dio_close -- Closes the file descriptor given by fd
dio_fcntl -- Performs a c library fcntl on fd
dio_open --  Opens a new filename with specified permissions of flags and creation permissions of mode
dio_read --  Reads n bytes from fd and returns them, if n is not specified, reads 1k block
dio_seek -- Seeks to pos on fd from whence
dio_stat --  Gets stat information about the file descriptor fd
dio_truncate --  Truncates file descriptor fd to offset bytes
dio_write --  Writes data to fd with optional truncation at length